Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W... is for Wellington

W... is for Wellington
Of all the cities in my home country of New Zealand, Wellington is my favourite! The capital of NZ, home to the beehive Parliament Building, yes it's known for its wind and rain, but Wellington has everything you could possibly want in a city: culture,concerts, and cuisine, arts, sporting events, shopping, and wineries.

But most of all, Wellington has a heart. The city centre converges on the harbour, and whether you're coming into town for a walk along the waterfront, a day trip to the national museum Te Papa, a week of commuting to the office, or simply to meet friends for a coffee, you make your way into the city centre which bubbles with energy and makes you feel welcome every single time.

So, if you fancy a trip to Wellington, these would be my recommendations of things to do:

1. Wholley Bagels
Order an "everything" bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese. Whatever activity you have planned for the day, this will be sure to set you up!

2. Visit Te Papa
It's NZ's national museum for a reason!

3. Rollerblade along Oriental Parade
Or, if rollerblading isn't quite your thing, walking or running shoes will also do the trick. Just be sure to take note of the beautiful literary inscriptions along the way!

4. Watch the buckets in Cuba Mall
This colourful fountain will splash tourists every time, so admire from a distance

5. Mt Victoria
Walk, bus, or drive to the top of Mt Victoria - you'll get the best view of the city... even if you do come away slightly windswept!

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