Friday, April 1, 2011

A... is for Aunt

Today marks the start of the fourth month of the year - and once again I find myself saying... where is the year going?!

This first day of April also brings with it a new challenge - the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Hosted by Sooz Says Stuff (among others), this isn't so much a reading challenging as a blogging challenge. All that's required is for me to blog every single day (well, almost every day - rest day is Sunday) throughout the month of April. By the end of the month, I'll have 26 blog entries. Easy as that!

But, there's a catch. Every new blog entry has to begin with the next letter of the alphabet, hence the A-Z blogging challenge over 26 days!

I've decided that there needs to be a theme to these blogs, so throughout April in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I'm going to reveal a few of my favourite things.

A... is for Aunt
We currently have a house guest staying with us. She's my 84-year-old Great Aunt. After two hip replacements and a new lease of life, she winged her way across the Pacific Ocean to come and spend 10 days with us here on Vancouver Island, and we are having a ball! Castles, museums, galleries, coffee shops, movies and of course... bookshops!
My aunt has an amazing outlook on life. I've never known her to act her age - in numbers anyway - she's always been so much younger. Birthday cards are filled with glitter, presents are beautiful wrapped with sparkly stickers, and she has style! My 84th birthday is a long, long, way away, but when I make it there, I hope I'm just like her!

Oh, and did I mention she loves books?!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time. It's always nice when a house guest is a pleasure :)

    I look forward to seeing you around the challenge. Enjoy the rest of your 10 days!

    East for Green Eyes

  2. I love having aunts like that! I have two that visit me in Chicago once a year and it's a great time spending a few days with just them. Hope the visit is relaxing and stress-free!

  3. Hi!
    She sounds wonderful! I've only got a few aunts left and they are well into their 90's. A couple are in nursing homes. Hang on to her she's a keeper. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. What a neat aunt you have. Lucky!

    I'm visiting via the A-Z hop. Nice to meet you. I'm #883 on the list. :)

  5. What a great brave aunt to travel all that way.

    Hi from another Kiwi doing the A-Z challenge, (discovered your kiwiness from blog comment you made!)

    I love your book collection, like a mini library.

    And another it's a very small world tidbit,
    our dog's sister's owner used to live on Vancouver Island.