Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D... is for desserts

D... is for desserts
I've suddenly realised that by choosing the theme of a few of my favourite things for April's A-Z Blogging Challenge, I'm in danger of repeating myself. For a few of my favourite things easily fall into a few categories, namely books, shoes and sweets!

As I was walking home from an afternoon in town, having shared chocolate, conversation and coffee (we resisted the cocktails) with great aunt, while purchasing books I might add, I tried to come up with an entry for today, beginning with D.

Diamonds was the first thing that came to mind, and there it stayed, until I suddenly realised the obvious entry was of course dessert! So, just to tempt your tastebuds, here is a range of my favourite desserts from around the world.

1. Tip Top ice cream from New Zealand
In particular: hokey pokey, gold rush, goody goody gumdrops, and   jelly tip
2. Turkish Delight, from (yep, you guessed it), Turkey
I was never a fan until I tried the real stuff in Istanbul. 
3. Sacher Torte from Austria
NB: This must be eaten at the Sacher Torte hotel - a very rich, decadent chocolate cake with layers of chocolate cake, chocolate icing and slightly strangely, but it works, apricot jam
4. A fresh, juicy orange, from Portugal
It works! After a hearty meal of meat and vegetables (not much else is served up in Portugal), that craving for sweetness is satisfied with a sweet, juicy orange. 
5. Fruit Dumplings from the Czech Republic
To be found in cavernous, basement cafes in the capital city of Prague, sweet fruit dumplings consist of a sticky outer dumpling shell with a warm gooey inner centre of blueberries or apricots. Served with fresh or sour cream, one helping is never enough!

I could then go on to mention Italian sorbet, English trifle, New York cheesecake and German apple strudel but that just wouldn't be fair.


  1. Hi!
    My favorite dessert is Apple Pie or cake of any kind. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  2. You are making me think more and more about the chocolate chocolate chip ice cream with whipped cream in the freezer downstairs! Of course not as good as these international delights you posted about! YUM!

  3. One of the best D words of them all! I'd love to try all of those desserts.

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