Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V... is for VW

V... is for VW

One NZ summer's day, husband was searching the internet for a car to buy. He'd was in the market for a volkswagen, so googled "VW". What should appear for sale but a beautiful, lime green, convertible VW beetle.

I'd always wanted a bug - and a lime green one was simply too good to resist. We didn't need two additional cars to add to the household, but no-one else did either, so the lime green love bug was purchased.



  1. Hi!
    Cute as a bug! I've always wanted a bug. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  2. That is awesome! My dad had a lime green beetle. His favorite dessert was key lime pie so he got the lime green car with a license plate that said Key Lime.

    Fond memories :)

  3. I had a yellow 1962 bug and I wish I had kept it..Hubby talked me into selling it and I cried. Now I am thinking about a VW bus!

  4. I always wanted an orange VW Karmann Ghia convertible!