Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light relief... and books #26 and 27

Book #26 Head over Heels and Book #27 Two's Company, both by Jill Mansell

I was in need of light relief a few weeks ago, so who should I turn to but Jill Mansell of course. The covers of her books alone are enough to but a spring in my step... and with spring finally arriving in my neck of the woods, I figured it was perfect timing.


Head over Heels

Jessie has kept the identity of her son Oliver’s father a secret for years. She’s stunned when she discovers that the man in question, actor Toby Gillespie, has just moved in next door. The truth’s about to come out. One glance at Oliver, and a little mental arithmetic, and Toby has the situation sussed. Meeting the son he never knew he had is the shock of a lifetime. It’s a shock, too, for Toby’s wife, the beautiful Deborah, though she seems to take it in her stride. Would Deborah be so relaxed if she knew just how close Toby wants to get to the mother of his firstborn? As the attraction between them flares up again, Jessie just can’t see her way to a happy ending. But no one is quite what they seem, and there are more surprises to come…

Two’s Company 
Jack and Cass Mandeville are a dream couple, ridiculously happy together and successful to boot - Jack as a journalist and Cass with her own hugely popular radio show. Indeed, almost every member of the Mandeville family is famous in their own right: from stunning Cleo, a supermodel with attitude, to Sean, the rising star of the comedy circuit. Incredibly good-looking and likeable, the family have captured the hearts of the nation - and the nation's press. But on the day that Jack hits the big 40 - the same day that a redhead called Imogen turns up to interview Jack and Cass for Hi!magazine - their proverbial bubble is about to burst...

One thing I love about Jill Mansell's books, apart from the fact that one doesn't have to think when reading them - is how she connects each of the characters together. There's always a slight twist as to which direction the book will take, how each story line is going to unfold, and who will eventually end up with who... because romance always wins out in the end!

I do find, that the connection of characters takes a little bit to unravel at first. Mansell often introduces them quite quickly in the first few chapters, and at times I have to remember who's who, but as the stories - and characters - develop.... oh does the fun begin. You are immediately transported into the village community, where there's always a character to love, a character who frustrates you, a character who annoys you, and a character who you want to win out in the end.

It's chicklit at its finest, and to date, Jill Mansell has yet to disappoint. So, if you're in need of light relief...

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  1. Thank you so much, Ann - I'm thrilled you like my books. And their gorgeous covers! xx