Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E... is for early mornings

E... is for early mornings
After I finished university I vowed that whatever my professional career would entail it would not be early mornings. So, what is my first job? That of a journalist for an afternoon  paper, with deadlines before 9am... ouch!

But surprisingly it didn't take long to get used to the alarm going off at 6am for a shift that started at 7am, and now that I think about it - that's really not too early at all. (Although for a 21-year-old at the time - it was definitely early!)

So my E is dedicated to that beautiful time of the day, those early mornings when I like to do one, two or all five of my favourite things:
1. Go for an early morning walk/jog
The air is crisp, the streets are quiet, and you have a wonderful feeling of being up before everyone else!
2. Have a cup of tea and a biscuit
Starting the day with a cup of tea is allowed I reckon, but adding a biscuit to the mix, well that could be termed slightly decadent. But then when no-one else is up at that hour of the morning, who's going to know?!
3. Stay in bed and read a book
Early morning doesn't necessarily mean you have to get out of bed... right? And sometimes I just love waking up, reading a few chapters, and then having another few hours of snooze time!
4. Getting behind the lens
Just as the golden light in the evenings is beautiful for taking photos, so too is the early morning light. 
5. Head out on two wheels
My mother has always been an early morning person. ONce upon a time she started the day with a brisk half hour walk - and I mean brisk. Nowadays she tends to take off on two wheels, and I can understand why. Biking along quiet country roads in the early hours is a wonderful start to the day.

I do have to admit though that this blog post was written at 11.30am rather than 5.30am!!! Perhaps I'm not an early morning person after all!


  1. I loved reading this,it was such a pleasure,
    I love early mornings.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. I hate early! I absolutely refuse to pull my butt out of bed before 7:01 am

    stopping in from the A to Z

  3. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really love early mornings. I never used to, but I love watching the city wake up as I sit at my desk and write. Everything is silent and unmoving and I love that cosy feeling!

  4. I love being up early and watching the sunrise, listening to the birds and starting my day with a chapter or two. Then on the more motivated mornings, I get out and take a walk, something I wish I did more often. :) It is a great feeling to watch the day begin.
    Great blog! Thanks!

  5. I am not a morning person. Despite having 3 kids (which means I've been getting up early the best part of the last 7 years) I STILL drag, and daydream about heading back to bed with a coffee and snuggling down in the pillows for just 10more minutes.... When Ari and I were justa way in Wellington, even tho I would wake at 7am (out of habit now), I loved lounging in my pj's, having breakfast in bed, having a wee snooze and getting up around 9.30am. BLISS.

  6. Not a morning person, but when I am up and about at that time, especially out of the house, I do enjoy it. It's like a different world, fulled with the regular morning folk. I do like early morning dog walks, it's a more social time for us as in the evenings, when we usually go, our neighbourhood streets are dead quiet.

    My partner is a journalist, used to work on a morning paper, glad not doing that anymore, 12-1 am finishes.