Monday, April 25, 2011

T... is for Tea

T... is for Tea
I'm sorry this isn't a very creative post, but tea does come under a few of my favourite things! Most probably because I'm not a coffee drinker. Never have been... and to be honest, I doubt I ever will be - but time will tell no doubt! The closest I get to a coffee is a Chai Tea Latte... and that's only because there's latte in the name!

So, for this (rather belated) post in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I'm listing my five favourite teas, because nothing beats a cup of tea and a good book!

But do tell me if there's any others you recommend!

1. Camomile Tea
You just can't beat it, especially with a delicious teaspoon full of honey added to it.

2. Peach & Vanilla Tea - the German kind
A dear German friend introduced me to this tea and it is delicious! Another tea that goes great with a teaspoon full of honey as well, I think it's the added flavour of the vanilla that gets me every time!

3. Turkish Tea
The real stuff! Not the Turkish Apple tea that they serve up to tourists. Granted, the best way to have it is with cube after cube of sugar added to a tiny little Turkish tea glass, but there is something quite refreshing about this tea. I also love the orange tea as well - so much so, that on a trip to Istanbul we returned with a Turkish tea set!

4. Peppermint Tea
But it has to be served with a few squares of dark chocolate!

5. Lavender Tea
I've had a few cups of lavender tea of late - mainly because I've run out of camomile teabags and I've been too lazy to head to the supermarket! But it's another relaxing, and rather soothing, blend that I find just perfect to curl up with a mug of... as well as a book of course!

Oh, and I'm sorry this entry is a day - or two- late but Easter holidays meant time away from the computer (and I'll let you in on a secret.... it was just wonderful!)


  1. Remember mint tea in Morocco, with so much sugar it was sometimes like syrup, with fresh mint leaves squashed in he glass..and what about your 'gumboot tea'.

  2. Oh of course - my gumboot tea. I might have to repost this!!! And yes, Moroccan tea! I remember resorting to drinking lemonade because it wasn't as sweet! xx