Monday, April 4, 2011

An introduction to Joanna Trollope and... Book #23: The Book Boy

There are a number of authors milling around the shelves that I have heard so much about but never experienced. Joanna Trollope is one. I remember her books being on my shelves at home, although admittedly they were Mum's copies for house guests. And whenever I'm in a library or bookshop I inevitably come across Joanna Trollope. Yet despite numerous encounters it has never become personal.... until I came across The Book Boy.

The Book Boy was paper thin (excuse the pun) and looked even more so lying on the table beside its muscle bound neighbours. When I came across this particular book on the bargain table of my local bookstore I decided this was my opportunity to experience Joanna Trollope; The Book Boy would be my introduction to the world of a new author.

I must admit I was quite taken by the story, although not completely enamoured with Trollope's style of writing. The Book Boy tells the story of Alice: a wife, a mother, and a woman who hides a secret - she is unable to read. Her two teenage children cause their mother the usual angst only teenage children can do, and her son in particular keeps company his father in particular doesn't approve of. Yet the son's friend quickly uncovers her secret, and so forms a unique bond.

There are no real secrets in this story, nor are we really taken in by the relationship between these two, but it's a real story nonetheless and suited me just fine for my introduction to the world of Joanna Trollope.

Any suggestions as to her next book I should read?

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