Monday, April 25, 2011

Ten good things on a Monday... things I loved about my book-lovers weekend

10 things I LOVED about my book-lovers weekend 

This Easter weekend, husband and I loaded up the bikes, and headed for SaltSpring Island, in the Gulf Islands off the coast of BC, Canada! And what a weekend we had.

It's deserving of a post of its very own - which I'll get around to writing shortly! - but for now it's my inspiration for this week's 10 good things.

1. Between the Covers B&B
I couldn't have asked for better accommodation. The "Book Lovers B&B" is run by children's author, Margriet Ruurs, and it is absolutely fabulous!

2. Ganges Saturday market
From chocolate truffles to French pastries, arm and leg warmers to beehives - Ganges Saturday market has everything you could possibly need or want. But it was the colour and atmosphere that I loved!

3. Glads Ice Cream
Two scoops of creamy ice cream in a waffle cone - need I say more?!

4. Hot tub
The hot tub at the B&B - ideal for soaking in after a day of cycling and walking!

5. Black Sheep Bookshop
One of many bookshops on the island, it had a fantastic selection of fiction, local authors, children's books, classics, travel books, history books... oh the list just goes on!

6. The views!
We biked and walked up some pretty impressive hills but the views from the top were worth it! Out across St Mary Lake, over to Galiano Island, and even to mainland BC and the city of Vancouver.

7. Artists studios
Dotted all around the island are artists studios, and there's a studio tour you can do of the island as well (although car rather than bike is recommended to get to them all!). We just enjoyed seeing their arts and crafts on display at the Saturday market. Some very clever people out there!

8. Dinner at the Habour View Hotel
We'd spent the day cycling and walking and by the end of it were rather beat - in a good way though! And dinner of a lamb burger, complete with delicious relish, aioli, and blue cheese dressing just hit the spot! 

9. The books
Between the Covers had books lining the windowsills, floor to ceiling bookshelves, bedside tables with piles of books, baskets in the bathroom filled with books - needless to say, I was in book heaven!

10. The relaxed atmosphere
Salt Spring Island was absolutely perfect for a weekend escape. One of those places that you instantly feel yourself relax as soon as you step off the ferry. I'm now booking a return trip!

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  1. Ice cream + Waffle Cone = Adoring love! :D

    Great list! That B&B sounds incredibly relaxing. :)


  2. Wow, sounds like an amazing place, books, ice cream and lovely scenery, sign me up!

    thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great week. :D

  3. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful time! Great list! Thanks for stopping by today and commenting!

  4. Hey this is such a treat! I would love to go on a book lover's weekend myself!

    I'm sorry I have been so MIA the past week, but I'm back, and even posted my Ten Good Things for this week. My list: Ten of my mother's favorite books!

    Happy Monday!

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