Monday, April 11, 2011

I... is for ice cream

I... is for ice cream

It's probably rather obvious to you by now that food features regularly when I'm listing a few of my favourite things. But top of the foodchain, and my all time favourite (yes, even above chocolate), would be ice cream.

I blame - or should I thank - my father for my love of ice cream. Every road trip we took to visit the big smoke, to see grandparents, visit the farm or return from the airport after a trip overseas, involved stopping off at a little place called Pokeno.

There's not a lot at Pokeno, other than a petrol station, a butcher's shop - for Pokeno also has great bacon - and an ice cream shop, advertising the biggest ice creams in New Zealand... and it's not kidding. We've yet to find a shop that rivals the sizeable scoops we always walk out with.

So here are a few of my favourite flavours. Fortunately, the Pokeno ice cream shop can fit a lot of scoops on one cone! Ask for a three scoop ice cream and you'll walk out with five flavours. Don't ask me about the math - just enjoy it!

Photo courtesy of malansjan
1. Hokey Pokey (Mum's choice - I think! Although she's much more self-disciplined than father and I when it comes to ice cream)
2. Goody goody gum drops (My absolute favourite!)
3. Caramel Ripple (Dad and I have a love of this one!)
4. Strawberry Ripple (Dad's favourite - although it would be a close call with caramel ripple)
5. Coconut & Marshmallow
6. Jelly tip (Husband's favourite)
7. Boysenberry ripple
8. Apricot
9. Goldrush
10. Rum & Raisin (A 40-year-old friend's favourite!)

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  1. Mmmm ^_^ love ice cream. I think I'll go to New Zealand just to try the flavors.