Thursday, April 14, 2011

L... is for London

L... is for London
Four years ago this month, husband (to-be, at that stage!) and I packed our bags and headed off on our Kiwi OE. We left houseloads of furniture with little brother, possessions with friends, and anything else we couldn't part with, in the wardrobes of our parents houses.

Three months of travelling later and we settled in London - along with thousands of other Kiwis - in the great tradition that is the overseas experience.

London quickly became a city I loved, and although leaving it early this year, I'm sure I'll be back.
In the meantime, here are my top ten favourite things to do in the wonderful city that is London

1. Catching the best view of London atop Primrose Hill

2. Exploring the stalls along Portobello Road on a Saturday morning

3. Visiting Churchill's War Cabinet Rooms

4. Devouring a sticky donut at Camden Markets on a Sunday

5. Running around Regents Park

6. Watching the buskers along Southbank

7. Walking through the cobbled streets of Hampstead and Highgate

8. Spending a winter's afternoon in the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden - one of the best museums in the city

9. Eating as much ice cream as you like at the Ben & Jerry's ice cream festival in Clapham Common

10. Losing yourself in Daunt Books' signature store on Marylebone High Street


  1. I've always wanted to visit London, but I'm not sure how I would get on over there. Driving would freak me out, so that wouldn't happen.

    All those places you listed sound like a great sampling of the city.

  2. Ah - that's the beauty of London... no driving needed. Just hop aboard a double decker bus - sightseeing at its cheapest too!

  3. Oh I love all on your list! I live in London at the moment too. I love Covent Garden and South Bank and all the galleries and museums. Lots to do if you want and also great places to hideaway. ;-)

  4. Glad you enjoyed it! I have been to London several times and it is a wonderful city with so much history and so much to see!