Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Musings

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading 
This week’s musing is… a book meme!
What was the last book you…
borrowed from the library?
I actually have a whole pile of library books at the moment but the library book I borrowed that I'm reading at the moment is Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope. 75 pages to go and counting!

 Hhmmmm.... I just bought 3 copies of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County, by Tiffany Baker. They were too good to resist at just $2 each - and hardcover at that. But they were gifts... does that count?
The last book I bought for myself was... actually I think it was the same (woops - blonde moment!)

cried over?
Goodbye Sarajevo,  by Atka Reid and Hana Schofield - it's the story of two sisters in the Bosnian War of the 1990s and the lives during and after this horrific period. Incredible! My best read of the year so far.  

disliked and couldn’t finish?
The one I'm reading at the moment actually - Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope, but I'm determined not to let it beat me!

read & loved?
I've had a good run of books I've loved this year, but perhaps one that comes to mind is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Now for the movie!

got for review? (or: got in the mail?)
 The last book I got in the mail was actually a Lonely Planet Guide to Jordan - where I'll be in just 8 weeks time! I can't wait!

gave to someone else?
The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly - I've been sending them to everyone!

stayed up too late reading?
Um... all of them?! But The Dakota Born Trilogy, by Debbie Macomber was very tough to put down.

PS: Does anyone know why my text is highlighted in white?


  1. Maybe when you were going to change colors in the print, and you hit the highlight button instead of the change color button. I really don't know why.

    I have Dakota Born, and Dakota Home, the first and second books of the Trilogy, now I want to start reading them. But will have to wait until winter, in the meantime it sounds like I better look for the third book to the series.

  2. ok, I am going to have to check out Goodbye Sarajevo now!

  3. Goodbye Sarajevo sounds really interesting - I'm definitely checking that out.

    Not sure why your text would have a highlight - maybe you should check the html code?

  4. Wow, it must be great to have a whole pile of library books - I am still in search of the perfect library, there are very few of those where I live!
    I had someone recommend Goodbye Sarajevo to me! Definitely sounds like a wonderful book, and I adore the cover! Adding it to my TBR list :)
    Nice answers!

  5. Hey, half of your text is definitely highlighted in white ;)


  6. I really want to read The Help. I'm on the waiting list at the library for it.

  7. I think Goodbye Sarajevo might have been a school text I missed out on years ago - in any event I have definitely heard good things about it before. Thanks for reminding me about it, I will definitely check it out. Great blog by the way!