Thursday, August 25, 2011

Booking Through Thursday... history books

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This week’s BTT question asks…
When was the last time you read a history book/historical biography? 

I have all manner of history books on my shelf - a quick glance shows Mary Queen of Scots, London: The Biography, Brief Lives of the English Monarchs...but do you think I have read any of them? My reading tends to be an escapism into another world, but real history has never really been that for me. I think it's because the history books I've picked up have always been filled with too many facts and figures that make me have to think - and I don't want to have to think when I'm curled up with a book.

But.... I have found a healthy balance. Historical entertainment!! I'm hooked. I have discovered Carolly Erickson's books, which are based on historical characters and events, but with a nice twist to them so there's a made up story in the midst of all these historical occasions.And I think it's working - because after reading these books, I'm then wanting to find out more about that particular time in history, so what do I do but turn to a history book!

Check out my reviews of the ones I've read so far:


  1. I have a few unread history books on my shelves as well (mostly relics from my student days that I skimmed through to find that a few sentences that proved my thesis).

    Re: War and Peace, I've been meaning to read it for ever, bought it in 2008, started and quit twice, and now (third time's the charm) I'm wondering what took me so long. I think I was daunted by its size and reputation.

  2. Thanks. I read your review for The Tsarina's Daughter. It looks like my kind of read.

  3. Heey
    Thanks for stopping by! I haven't read any of Carolly Erickson's books, but your reviews sound really good!!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Juli @ Universe in Words