Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Armchair BEA: Best books I've read in 2011

This is the first year I've ever kept track of the books I've read. Despite loving, buying, gathering, hoarding - whatever you want to call it - books, I've never recorded what I've read, where, or why!

I started keeping a record one summer when I was going to read the "A-Z of Chicklit" but after I got to about D I needed another genre, so that was the end of that! But, having joined the blogging world and given myself the challenge of reading 111 books in the year 2011, it means I can actually answer the question:

What are the best books I've read so far this year?
(The links go through to my reviews if you're interested)

1. Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson:
Definitely right up there! And I've since watched the movie which I thought was just as stunning as the book.

2. The Saffron Gate, by Linda Holeman
This one left me longing to return to Morocco. Although the main character annoyed me somewhat, just the descriptions of Morocco bought back wonderful memories of one of my favourite countries!

3. A Cup of Tea, by Amy Ephron
This one captured me instantly, so much so, I'd read it before even getting to the checkout desk at the library. I then subsequently devoured Ephron's other books, One Sunday Morning and White Rose (Una Rosa Blanca).

4. The Cry of the Go-Away Bird, by Andrea Eames
This book was really interesting. Set in Zimbabwe from the point of view of a 12-year-old white girl, under the rule of Mugabe! One of those books that really enriches you and makes you wonder why you bother with chicklit!

5. Jill Mansell
Speaking of chicklit - I've read a fair few Jill Mansell this year and loved every one of them. Her writing is so much fun, the stories are lighthearted with tricks and turns but happy endings and I just love each and every cover!


  1. I've heard so many good things about Snow Falling on Cedars. I guess I should just take the hint and read it!!

  2. These all sound so good. Wondering if Amy is related to Nora or Delia? If so, I'll for sure add her to my list. Now if only every one of these books would magically appear on my nightstand, I'd be so happy.

  3. Wow, great list, think we have similar tastes in books. I read and saw the movie of Snow Falling on Cedars years ago - just beautiful. The Cry of the Go-Away Bird looks like something I should definitely read too - never heard of it before - thanks.