Thursday, May 26, 2011

Library Loot

I'm slowly making my way through a pile of library books that seem to have scattered themselves around the house, but then I realised I hadn't actually shared my library loot with you all, so here's a glimpse at the pile!

The other week, I'd picked up Jeffery Archer's, The Fourth Estate, for husband - who read it in a matter of days. And upon completion, said to me - have you got any more? So, at the library what did I come across but...only I didn't look closely enough. This isn't the same Geoffrey Archer at all - how cheeky is that! I'm hoping many other people have fallen for the same thing... but it got me wondering... how many other authors are out there with similar names that you've stumbled across?
Husband has since finished this book by that other Geoffrey Archer and said it wasn't as good. He's back to the real one!

I also found a few books for myself. You won't be surprised to read that one of them ws a Jill Mansell. I would have started it immediately had my ordered copy of The Help not suddenly arrived on the same day, so for once Jill Mansell came second best... but only this once (and I've since finished it! surprise surprise).

Then there was The Secret Garden, calling to me. I've never read this classic so I thought it was about time I did - and while I was collecting children's stories I also came away with the first three books in the Little House on the Prairie series.

Another book that made it's way home with me is The Local News, by Miriam Gershow - the story of sibling relationships after a brother goes missing and the sister is suddenly thrown into the spotlight. I wasn't really looking for any new reads as such on this trip to the library, but this one captured my attention.

And finally, I also took out...

Yes, I am contemplating it. There is one here in October - slightly undecided at this stage, but October is less than 20 weeks away (did you know?) and that equates to... not much time! So we'll see.. after all, any time spent running would mean time away from the armchair and the books!


  1. Woo hoo .. a marathon. I must send you Kerre Woodham's book. Have you read it?

  2. Hey! Good luck to you if you DO decide to run! And I never really thought about authors with the same name until I was in the library once and saw that happen!! Must be a sort of thing that happens a lot! haha.

    Thanks for doing the hop :)

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  3. The author name thing happens to me all the time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. I've been contemplating starting to run too, not a marathon or anything. Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog.