Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recent acquisitions

A lunchtime walk on a sunny afternoon results in...

For the husband. He had just finished "The Loop" by Nicholas Evans which he really enjoyed, so fingers crossed he likes this one. Kane & Abel is up there with one of the best books I've ever read, so it probably won't be long until I have my nose in this one too!

I have seen this advertised on London tube station walls, displayed in bookshelves, and commented on in newspapers, but I have never purchased, nor read it. But it has always intrigued me, so I guess it won't be long until I can find out what it's like! Although going by the height of my TBR pile, it may be a while yet!
This one looks fabulous!

And a challenge. Will see if I can find six minutes each morning to get into a few of these positions! It will mean six minutes of valuable reading time is lost...


  1. Have you heard about the controversy surrounding the book Three Cups of Tea? I still think it sounds like a good book, though! :)

  2. Even though I feel betrayed by Greg Mortensen lately, I still find Three Cups of Tea a good read and the premise of educating girls for basically a better society with no wars still something good to chew on.

    Jeffrey Archer rarely disappoints.