Monday, May 2, 2011

Ten good things on a Monday... lovely places to read

Many a post of mine has made reference to my favourite bookshops, and many more have included the kind of books I love to read. But I realised I hadn't shared with you all, the places I love to read those books, so on this rather wet and dreary Monday, I'm going to reveal my 10 lovely places to read:

1. In bed
Well, that's obvious isn't it. But I often feel rather indulgent if I go to bed super early then curl up under the covers with a good book!

2. A Starbucks chair
This may sound odd, but in my new home town I've come across this particular Starbucks with a particular corner and a particular chair - that has become known (by me anyway) as my reading chair. 

3. Primrose Hill
On a glorious London summer's day (yes, they can be few and far between but I have had my fair share) nothing beats spreading out the picnic blanket in the sun and settling down with a good book (and a glass of rose!)

4. In the middle of nowhere, somewhere in France
A few years ago, husband and I went to France for a holiday. It was organised by a PR firm so we didn't have much say in the matter (not that we were complaining when it was a free holiday!). But our destination literally was in the middle of nowhere, but that meant the reading was great. Peaceful, quiet, and no interruptions with nothing to do but read. Bliss! 

5. Railay Bay, Thailand
For 10 whole days, we did nothing but read as we sunned ourselves, swam, ate, and slept. It was a holiday of all holidays. At times I did feel a little guilty that I was exploring the walking tracks, or taking a kayak for a paddle, but then I though, ah why not! It will mean I just have to come back again.. right?
So instead, we read on the sunloungers, then when that got to hot, we'd read in the pool!

6. Chaise lounge
Our landlady has kindly left us a chaise lounge in the bedroom, which at 3pm in the afternoon is bathed in sunlight. Now if that's not a good place to read, I don't know where is!

7. On the plane
Long distance flights may be required to get to most places from where we are, but they simply don't bother me. It means I have a good few hours - if not 10! - when I don't have to do anything else but read, read, read!

8. Library
I know libraries are really for borrowing books, but on more than one occasion I have been known to read a book before getting to the borrowing counter... but then that just means I can take an extra one home!

9. Majorelle Gardens, Morocco
On a visit to Morocco one year, I went to explore the Majorelle Gardens (also known as the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens). Fortunately, Id' taken a book with me, because here I found absolute tranquillity in a city of hustle and bustle!

10. Somewhere in New Zealand bush
My family have an annual tradition of going bush for a week somewhere in New Zealand. And despite having to carry everything on our backs for at least five days, I'll always include in my pack, a giant book! There's no electricity in the huts we stay in, but then there doesn't need to be, because all I need is a seat on the deck with my book!

Ten Good Things on a Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Nina and Argh

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