Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Husband as guest reviewer on Book #19: Tamburlaine Must Die

Oh dear... I think I have totally misunderstood a book that ought to be appreciated.  In fact, I think I could probably go so far as to say I have just read a complete book, thankfully only 150 pages, and not taken a single word in. So, it’s back to the beginning for me... or maybe it will be placed at the bottom of the TBR pile instead (for now at least).

I picked up a copy of Tamburlaine Must Die, by Louise Welsh for the bargain price of $2 on the Chapters sale table. I’m fast becoming a regular to that corner of the bookstore, just “popping in” as I walk past enroute to the bank, the pharmacy, the gym, or Starbucks!

The year 1593, London caught my eye, brief mentions of English countryside, Tower Bridge, playwrights, double agents and the Queen sounded to me like the make up of an interesting read. I just wish I could tell you what it was about! 

Fortunately, my guest reviewer can. (He’s also known as my husband!)...

“This book was a little bit different. An intriguing take on the darker side of life in Shakespearean London.  Tamburlaine Must Die is about Christopher Marlowe – a fictional tale set around the lead up to Marlowe’s death, and one possible reason why this London playwright was killed. It’s about someone who has taken one of Marlowe’s characters from a play and bought him to life.
The story has sexual encounters, murder and mystery, drunkenness and debauchery and provides the reader with an insight into how playwrights and their patrons interacted in the 16th century. 
It’s about a mystery that to this day, is still unsolved. Why did Christopher Marlowe die? Was he killed by a character of his own creation?”

Husband says he’d recommend this book to others who enjoy reading murder-mysteries. “It’s quite good and an easy read,” he says. “A good three stars out of five!”

A husband who cooks and reviews books - he's a keeper


  1. cool..my Hubby reads things like Conan The Barbarian, and Sci fy stuff that only guys and teens like. This does sound like a good one to read.

  2. I remember reading lots of Christopher Marlowe plays at university, so this does sound interesting. And you forgot to mention that your husband hunts down the dinner before he cooks it!