Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A nice glass of wine... and Book #15: Good in Bed

Chick lit is a bit like wine – I can only go without it for so long, then I have a desperate craving for a satisfying glass of rich velvety merlot. I’d been without some decent chick lit for a while, so as I was walking home from town one afternoon I decided to stop by my neighbourhood thrift shop to see what was on their shelves.

I have to admit, I did feel a little guilty as I ignored books by authors of repute, but then I decided I’d just make up for it another day and perhaps devour some classics (that day has yet to arrive – but I’m sure it will eventually!)

On this day, however, I walked away with Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. She was a new chick lit author for me, but having perused around the blog’o’sphere of late, I’ve noticed her name appearing a few times, mainly with good reviews. I was onto a winner... or so I thought.

But to be honest, it was just a bit naff. Cannie Shapiro is slightly overweight it seems, has a rather strained relationship with her mother, no relationship whatsoever with her father, has a great job as an entertainment journalist, but has just been dumped by her boyfriend who is now writing about “Loving a Larger Woman” for a national women’s magazine.

Ok – so this book wasn’t going to challenge the brain cells, but then what chick lit does? And isn’t that why we love it? For some escapism? Some guilt-free, indulgence?

Good in Bed however, was like a tart shiraz, rather than a rich merlot. A little bitter, not all that enjoyable, but you’ve just bought a glass that’s now sitting in front of you, so you’re going to get through it anyway. I thought Weiner could have made Cannie a stronger character, given her a bit more life, a bit more colour – she was just rather bland. I guess the story was relatively realistic (apart from meeting a Hollywood star crying in the toilets then becoming BFF), but I don’t want realistic in chick lit – I want love, romance, fantasy and dreams coming true. I want to be swept away with my glass of merlot in hand to savour every mouthful.

That will teach me – next time, perhaps I’d better reach for the classics after all!


  1. Oh I'm sorry you didn't like this one! I loved it when I read it...but then again I was probably 20 so you know, our tastes do get more refined, like wine, as we age!

  2. haha..think I will skip this one. I get really annoyed at some chick fiction..it all seems so ..I don't know..juvenile..guess because I left juvenile me behind a long long time ago in a universe far far away...