Sunday, March 13, 2011

My pampering of choice

I love choosing nail polish colours – just reading through the names on the bottom of the little bottles is so much fun: “I’m not really a waitress”; “Diva of Geneva”; “Paint my Moji-toes Red” – who gets this job thinking up such names. I want it!

On Friday, husband was sick. He’d survived a week of meetings and travel, so decided some bed rest, hot lemon drinks and some TLC were in order. He got the first two alright, but I’m no nurse. In fact I hate playing nurse – or patient – so he was out of luck. I try my best, but after seven years, he’s learnt to fend for himself!

Which meant I spent my Friday afternoon getting my nails done! A manicure would have to be my pampering of choice. The soaking of fingers in relaxing warm water, the filing and careful shaping of nails, the massage and then walking away with nails the colour of “20 candles on my cake” that I can admire for the week ahead.

A manicure isn’t like a pedicure – which tickles too much, or a massage – which is never quite the right pressure. I reviewed a facial treatment late last year and that experience was enough to put me off facials for a while. I’d asked the beauty therapist not to worry about massaging my head as part of the facial, I was going out for dinner later and didn’t want that after facial oily look! Yet such a request was ignored. Instead she went about pulling my hair out by the roots (which did not constitute a relaxing treatment) and left both my face – and hair – so oily, that as I sat down to dinner opposite an old friend of mine, his first comment to me was: “I can see myself in your forehead!”

Yes – a manicure is definitely my preference. What’s your pampering of choice?


  1. A pedicure is the one for me! Actually it is a neccesity these day because I cannot lift my feet up high enough to see my toenails with my reading glasses. Facial? OMG no! Not beyond 60 when funny things start growing there! Poor husband. Tell him his mother still loves him!

  2. PS: the wedding cake I think was all fruitcake. Only one layer cut. A very good moist fruit cake. But could you ever forget a certain chocolate and fig layer on a wedding cake? I could not! Mm..mmmm.

  3. I'd also love to think up Nail Polish names.... how fun! Of course I'm in total agreement with you on manicures/pedicures. BLISS. Except I tend to paint my own nails better than the technicians but that's only cos I'm only slightly obsessed with nail polish...