Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 10 tunes that get my toes tapping

Ten Good Things on a Monday 
Ten Good Things on a Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Nina and Argh

It's dedicated to every person's compulsive list-writing. Every Monday I'll make a list of ten things that will cheer us up and help us tide over the whole week. 

This week is a musical theme - the top 10 tunes that get my toes tapping
1. Living on a Prayer, Bon Jovi
Yep - there's a rocking groupie deep inside
2. Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall
Takes me back to that wonderful scene in Devil Wears Prada
3. Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves 
What can I say - I just love this one!
4. Happy Together, The Turtles
It was the one I walked down the aisle to
5. Working Class Man, Jimmy Barnes
Not quite sure why, but this song moves me every time
6. Do you hear the people sing, Les Miserables
My favourite musical!
7. You raise me up, Lovland & Graham
Brings tears to my eyes every time
8. Eye of the Tiger, Survivour
Takes me back to my childhood rollerskating days!
9. Loyal, Dave Dobbyn
Whenever I'm in need of some Kiwiana (and I've overdosed on Flight of the Concords!)
10. The Final Countdown, Europe
The song hubby made his entrance to at our wedding!


  1. I love most of these songs too, I love really upbeat songs that I can either chill or dance too. Really awesome music list!

    Thanks for sharing your good things Ann!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  2. What a great list! Just looking at them is making me smile!

  3. Fantastic list! I love Bon Jovi (going to a concert in June, can't wait!) and Les Mis is my favourite musical too. And I'm so glad you said Løvland/Graham and not say, Westlife... Off to listen to some of these tracks now. :)

  4. i love bon jovi. is it weird that there are 3 bon jovi cd's in my 6 disc CD player in my car?

  5. Hahah! Love these songs! And I love that your hubby came into The Final Countdown. That is the cutest thing ever!