Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's life without a challenge?

When I first decided upon my challenge for the year it didn’t register that other bookworms may be one step ahead of me. But then I stepped into the world of blogging!

Until now, blogging had passed me by. I once attempted to do so during my year without chocolate – but every time I sat down to spill out my thoughts about what the lack of chocolate was doing to me, I instantly craved it, so thoughts and feelings were better left unsaid.

Now, with time on my hands, the world of blogging has captured me. Mornings disappear, dinners are late, and the ‘to-do’ list has been all to easily ignored as I write another entry, browse through other blogs, and comment on the world of other bookworms.

But I’m not only hooked on blogging itself, I’m hooked on the various challenges on offer in the blogging world. Yearly reading challenges, genre challenges, mini challenges, author challenges. I’ve noticed other bloggers have a similar addiction so at least I’m not alone.

However, in one afternoon I have signed up to not one, but three new challenges, in addition to the two I have already taken on. Sucker for punishment? I’ll no doubt find out. Better hit the books I think! 

But first - are there any other challenges you'd recommend out there?

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