Saturday, March 12, 2011

One for a challenge... or two, and Book #13: Four Wives

Not quite sure why I added this book to my bookshelf. I’d picked Four Wives up from the bargain book table in Chapters on numerous visits and always put it back down again. But on this particular day it was the best of the bunch. (I’ve since learnt to only take a look at said bargain table once a week – that allows a few good bargains to stockpile between visits).

An easy plot – four wives, living in beautiful homes, with successful, financially secure husbands, manicured lawns – and nails - superb shoe collections, delightful children, and the time to devote to good causes (while the maid does the washing, the laundry, the cleaning ... you get the picture). The twist here is that life isn’t always what it seems, but isn’t that always the case!

However, I found Four Wives to be a bit weak in delivering these twists. None of the “crises” each woman faced seemed to be particularly earth-shattering (at least not for a storyline anyway), but by having four central characters each with their own exposé to bring to a close, it meant I had to keep reading chapter after chapter to see what happened to each of them. That could be misinterpreted as being a real page-turner, but in fact, it was a book I just wanted to get to the end of – and to know the conclusion of. Once reached, job was done, and book number 13 was ticked off the list.

Cover Love Challenge But it hasn’t all been a waste of time. Cover Love’s February cover colour was Blue so Four Wives has been added to one of my many challenges! That's now two months down, ten to go! Next colour is sour mandarin (orange) for March.

It was also my "something blue" for LazyGirl Reads Mini Challenge.

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