Monday, March 14, 2011

Book #14: My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time

Oh how apt this title was. This book did indeed “steal time” – and lots of it! In short – My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time was hard going! Maybe I’m being told to take a break from the bargain book table and instead shell out the cash on a bestseller or a new release to support the author, the publisher and the bookshop (particularly in the wake of Borders!).

It just sounded like such a fun read. Set in the winter of 1897 in Copenhagen, this alone caught my eye. Historical – tick. Copenhagen, the city in which I had spent my 28th birthday, riding roller coasters, photographing umbrellas (don’t ask – it was umbrella city the weekend we were there, rain, rain and more rain –and my birthday is in the European summer months!) – tick! I love reading a book set somewhere I have visited, being able to read about streets I’ve walked down, place names I recognise. Anyway, I digress...

The story is about part-time prostitute Charlotte and her side-kick. They take on a part-time cleaning job in the home of a neurotic widow – it’s still ticking all the boxes. A few unusual characters to keep the story exciting, and who no doubt all have a story of their own!

And then there is mention of 21st century London!

However, perhaps I should have spent a bit more time reading the reviews, particularly the one by Time Out magazine: “Captivating... There are moments of genius... Packed with charm and energy, this is definitely worth taking the, er, time to read”

Ah well, but if I’d taken heed of such advice I probably never would have picked it up for the bargain price of $2. It went to the top of my reading pile, then to the bottom, it was cast aside completely, only to lie there tormenting me that I hadn’t been able to finish it!

Well I did... and despite it taking until page 150 to really get into it, I’ll let you in on my own dirty little secret... I actually quite enjoyed it!

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