Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's walk in: My own house!

Running out of space!
It seems ages since I've walked into a new bookstore. I keep retracing my steps to the good old ones, and yesterday I even managed to walk in - and out - without a new purchase. I think I've suddenly realised that perhaps I have rather enough books at home on the shelves, currently unread by yours truely, that I should perhaps really get around to reading.

I think this situation came to light over the last week when I proceeded to open 59 boxes of London possessions that had been shipped to Canada, half of which contained books. It was like Christmas had come at once, that and as if I'd stepped into the world's best book sale! All these fabulous books were mine, mine, mine.

What's more, I've looked at my shelves of books in a whole new light since joining the book blogging world. So many books that you all mention are currently sitting on my shelves - and I had no idea!

But as you'll be able to see from the images - I'm fast running out of space! Most of my shelves are two rows deep, and this doesn't even include the books on my nightstand. Is this a love of books I wonder, or an unhealthy obsession.

Meanwhile, I've started keeping track of them. I bought a little address book, with A-Z down the side and I now keep a record of books on my shelf (they get a red tick if I've read them) and also books I see mentioned that I really, really want!

I'm not sure this is really a fail safe method but it's working for now. So I'm intrigued... how do you all manage to keep track of your books?


  1. I too get a little thrill when I read positive reviews of books currently on my shelves. It's like I can go shopping at home!

    How do I keep track? Goodness knows! Kind of through librarything but its a mess really :)

  2. I love your pictures! I love seeing pictures of stacks of books!
    I have bookshelves in my library and one in my bedroom (of unread books).

    I don't have a tracker for the ones I own (I seem to know each one), but I do have an App on my phone that lists books I want by genre, author, title, etc. I think I have over 100 on that list currently!

  3. I live in a studio, so I can only keep my favorites. Otherwise, my bookshelves would definitely look like that!

  4. Thank you for showing us your bookshelves. I love them. I am one of those oddballs that will use a magnifying class to get a closer look at what someone is reading if there are books displayed in a magazine feature.

    I only keep track of those books I've read, using the old index card/file system. I also keep a notebook of books I want to read. The shelves in our library, of which there are many, are organized by genre and I pretty much know what is there, however, I have been known to buy a second copy of a book I never got around to reading and forgot about.

    Then, there are the piles teetering precariously on the nightstand . . .

  5. Looks great!! I love bookshelf tours! We all need an endless supply of wall space for bookcases! :)

  6. Love those pictures!!! You have so many books!