Monday, March 28, 2011

You can't argue with your mouth full

A traditional first wedding anniversary present is paper, so what better present to give – and receive – than a book! This weekend past, husband was given a book on fishing. He spent the first 8 days of married life out on the water, bringing home fresh fish each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll admit I did join him on a few occasions – and was able to hunt and gather my own fare (although I left him with the filleting!).

One year on and the first 8 days of his second year of marriage looks like it will be spent in suit and tie in the office. So a book on all the best fishing spots around is the closest he’s going to get to the big one.

However, when have I ever stopped at just the one book? And our first wedding anniversary was no exception. Just an excuse to buy two books if you really want to know.

The second book husband unwrapped was “Now you’re cooking - Starters”. He’s a whizz in the kitchen and enjoys it as well (I think that’s my downfall... it’s just no fun burning pizza!).  But this book came with a challenge.

Friends of ours, who regularly provided us with delicious home cooked meals and fine conversation on both sides of the world, told us soon after we were married that they didn't pretend to know the secret to a good marriage, but that it was much harder to argue with your mouth full.

So, having flicked through such recipes as ‘caramelized shallot and asparagus toast’, ‘butternut-squash ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes’, and ‘olive scones with thyme-cured beef’ I decided no page of this book should be left unturned.

Hence the challenge – by our second anniversary husband and I must have made, shared and enjoyed each recipe together. Now that may well involve husband cooking while I supervise with vino in hand, but we’d still be together in the kitchen right?

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  1. I love the title of this post! And a book is a great idea for the one year anniversary. My dad wrote his wife a poem for their one year - she's not much of a book reader :/