Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's walk in: Chapters, Victoria, BC

Moving to a new place can be daunting – particularly a place where you don’t know a soul! But at the same time it’s exciting – there are so many new things to explore. New foods to taste, new supermarkets to shop in, new shoes to purchase and of course, new bookshops to lose yourself in.

That’s exactly what happened when I stepped through the door of “Chapters” bookshop on Douglas St, here in Victoria, BC. I immediately knew this shop was going to be my downfall. An artfully arranged gift display – Valentine’s Day in theme of course at this time of year! – greeted me. Beautiful books, delicious looking chocolates, funky presents and what husband may call clutter, but I find irresistible – lots of little knickknacks that help to make a home.

Past the gift display were the sale shelves – hold me back now!!! More gifts for mums, babies, girlfriends, and myself! But I hear you asking – isn’t “Chapters” a bookstore? It surely is – filled with magazines, children’s books, guidebooks and maps. There are shelves of fiction, nonfiction, bestsellers and classics. And I had yet to venture upstairs – or down!!!

I then stumbled across the discounted books table – books for just $2, new, unread – oh this really is going to be the end of me. If not me, then certainly my wallet! Prying myself away from the sales tables I stepped on the escalator to be slowly taken up to the top floor – where I am greeted by a Starbucks coffee shop, complete with delicious oatmeal cookies, reading chairs and... wait for it... roaring fires! (OK, roaring gas fireplaces, but fireplaces all the same!)

Well, “Chapters” is certainly my positive for today, and it’s just put a whole new light on my move to Vancouver Island. I am, quite honestly, in heaven!


  1. What a lovely book! Looks like you've found a delightful bookstore

  2. Yep, those bargain books will get me EVERY time! I <3 (love) Chapters. ;)


  3. This blog is going to be such a favourite. I feel it in my bones.

  4. Oh I'm jealous. If we (I) had decent bookstores I may be falling into your heaven. Have you heard that Whitcouls back here is going bust?

  5. WOW!!!! I wish they had a bookstore like that around here! We've got all those chains but no real awesome places like this one. I am jealous!