Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One that caught my eye

It’s funny how you can stand in front of a bookshelf, looking at hundreds of books, and one just jumps out at you. That’s what happened to me with Recipe for Bees. I’d stepped into my second Thrift store in Canada and headed straight for the bookshelves in the right hand corner. They were easily found, under some spotlamps with the sign “These lamps are not for sale” Message received loud and clear – fortunately I wasn’t in the market for reading lamps.

Anyway, there on the bottom shelf at foot level, sat Recipe for Bees, hidden – but not – among the other paperbacks. It caught my eye as my father is a bee keeper and makes the best honey there is to have. I’ve grown up with it spread on my Vogel’s Bread toast in the morning, and for our wedding almost a year ago, every guest was given a jar of Pa G’s honey.

As I took the book off the shelf to read the back cover, something else caught my eye and it was enough to tell me this is the next book on my reading list. The author – Gail Anderson-Dargatz – lives on Vancouver Island... my new home! I’ve traded London for the streets of Victoria and to be honest, it’s taking a little while to get used to. Hopefully Recipe for Bees will enlighten me on what my new home has to offer. 

Right – time to turn the first page

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  1. Oh I am excited to see what you think of this book now! I am loving that cover!

  2. How cool!!! This cover really does catch your eye and I love the little anecdotes about your dad and the honey and your wedding!! ah you have the best stories :)

  3. Special message from Ma G who saw blog but couldn't leave answer..and Pa who was happily told by Ma about the Bee book! Actually.. not quite certain they were the words but something like that! We were at the Met Opera movie today.
    This book does look inviting..the cover makes me think of THE SECRET LIVES of BEES which I loved.