Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book #2: The Legacy

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of trash! As a writer, sub-editor and proof-reader, I spend my days reading, writing, and re-writing. Some copy reads smoothly, it’s well written, informative, and enjoyable – other copy is rubbish. It needs working, reworking and started again from scratch. It lacks soul, it has no voice, and is simply a convoluted mix-up of the English language. Yet that’s not trash!

Trash takes you away to another world. It’s light hearted, free, and requires a limited amount of thinking – and that’s exactly what you need every once (or twice) in a while. The Legacy was exactly that for me. A light read recommended by a friend. “It won’t take you long” she said. And Richard and Judy agreed. It was part of their summer bookclub must reads. But all were wrong.
My second book of the year set me back a week. This lighthearted read weighed me down each evening as I hopped under the covers, trying to get through yet another chapter.

A simple story: grandmother dies leaving family home to her granddaughters, sisters who have a secret – both from each other and family members around them. One sister wants to keep it a secret, the other wants to know... and so the story begins.
Half the book is set in the present day – sister number two researching the family history. The other half of the book is set in the 1900s and follows the story of the girls’ great grandmother – the family member with the secret.

I’ve leave you to discover it.

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