Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's walk in: Southbank, London

I’d be hard pressed to tell you what my favourite part of London is. After almost four years living in one of the greatest cities in the world, I fast came to calling it home. How could I not as I walked through Hampstead Heath, covered in snow in winter, reds & golds in the fall and daffodils in the springtime. Then there were the summer days, drinking rose atop Primrose Hill – in the exact same spot as Bridget Jones skips over in The Edge of Reason , into Colin Firth’s arms. Don’t get me started on the Christmas lights along Oxford and Regent Streets in December, or the colour and characters seen in Nottinghill Markets on Portobello Road.

But right up there with these favourite places is Southbank. The stretch along the Thames that is home to the London Eye, the Tate Modern, and buskers on a Saturday afternoon. It’s also home to a book market – tables and tables of old and new, tattered and pre-loved, dust covered and sparkling novels, literature, non-fiction and stories. It is a place you can mingle in for hours, tucked under Waterloo Bridge. You’d soon forget about all the tourists walking past, or the noise of the trains rattling overhead. In the heart of London, with all the noise and chaos that is part of its magic, you can find a little patch of serenity – and it’s right here in the bookmarket of Southbank.

What’s more, this is the same place you can find the Southbank German Christmas markets in December. Warming gluhwein, steaming dumplings, bratwurst, Christmas gingerbreads and quaint little log huts housing gifts, decorations and more.

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  1. Oh I loved the 9 days I spent in London in 2008. It was my first trip across the pond. I joined a study abroad group from my university where I was the old broad! And I had such a fantastic time. I love London and Oxford too. Then it was off to Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest. A trip of a lifetime for little old me. I did so love the Thames Southbank. What a fun place. Went to Soho, Piccadilly,went to Portobello road Market,and Camden too. I could visit London over and over and still never get enough. Lucky you to have a chance to live there. Enjoy!

  2. Oh London dear London! Thank you for the walk about London. I hope you walk there again on your blog. I would say you'd have plenty of material!

  3. I spent a semester in London and I always wished I could stay! What a lovely post!

  4. @Kay: Your time abroad in 2008 sounds fabulous. You visited some of my favourite places - Budapest was definitely up there as a destination for me. So different from any other European city!

    @Joan: Yes dear London - I might have to write a post about Louis' tearooms in Hampstead - do you remember sitting there making up stories about everyone that Thursday afternoon?!!

    @Amused: I know what you mean when you say you wish you could have stayed. My almost four years there weren't long enough but it will always be there - I'm sure!!!

  5. Oh yes I do remember! And the leafy streets and beautiful houses and not to forget Kensington Palace and ....