Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life’s all good

I always try to set one day aside each week for a treat – and that day is usually a Sunday! Treats include such things as sleeping in, breakfast in bed, a decadent bagel with jam and cream cheese, a visit to a museum or gallery I’ve been meaning to go to, manicures, walks, or simply catching up with friends.

Don’t get me wrong – such things can be done at any time during the week – and even better, they can be done spontaneously. A mid-week vino with a girlfriend, just because. What better reason do you need? A romantic movie, a new pair of shoes, a chocolate cupcake or tickets to the theatre – simply because it’s what you feel like.

But the weeks can get away on us, so if nothing spontaneous has occurred during the week, you can guarantee such decadence, self indulgence and treat giving will take place on that day of the week commonly known as rest day (who are we really kidding in the 21st century?)

So, I’ve decided that Sunday’s is my day to blog about something other than books. It will come from the heart and will be about anything or everything... or both! There’ll be no theme other than the heading “Life’s all good!” Because with books, shoes, treats, and friendship – why wouldn’t it be?

However, to begin with... it’s got to be shoes...

“You sold your soul to the devil when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choo's, I saw it.”
Emily says to Andy in Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite movies. From the shoes to the clothes to Meryl Streep’s lifting of an eyebrow, this movie is irresistible. But it bought to light a question...

Can you really call yourself a shoe girl if you don’t own a pair of Jimmy Choos? Because the thing is, I love shoes, and I do call myself a shoe girl, but I don’t own a pair of Jimmy Choos. Nor have I even tried a pair on! In fact, confession of all confessions, I wouldn’t even know a pair of Jimmy Choos if I tripped over them.
But that doesn’t mean to say I’m not a shoe girl. It’s just means I’ve saved the best till last. And, I’ve still got my soul. 


  1. I must go get this movie out. Having not seen it yet! Your blog is wonderful my gorgeous DIL. I love your writing. I've seen Oprah wearing Jimmy Choos shoes.

  2. No Choos in your collection? I cannot believe it! (I don't have any either, but I have memories of gazing at them in Printemps in Paris (which has something like 3000sqft devoted to shoes).
    So fabulous to find your new online project. I have just finished reading 'Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day' - and highly recommend it (I'm sure shoes are mentioned more than once in it too...) xxx

  3. I confess I have never seen Jimmy Choos. But I loved the movie too! I can't wear heels anymore so guess I will keep my soul too!

  4. Funny - I just blogged on my ramblings a pic of some new shoes I simply could not resist....
    I don't own Jimmy Choo's... see... as much as I love clothing, shoes and furniture, I LOVE ME A BARGIN. And $20 shoes on special full me with joy. I may stretch to $150 for the right pair of boots.... but Jimmy Choo's would set you back something crazy... I'd rather take a trip to Paris and window shop the Choo's then buy a pair with that money! I'm ever thrifty like that... (and does that justify that I can buy 30 pairs of shoes for under $40 this way?) :P

  5. Great post! I loved this movie too and it was funny because I don't remember thinking the book was all that great.