Monday, June 6, 2011

An irresistibly sweet award

Thanks to Dana at Let's Book It, for this lovely little award

And given the look and name of it, I figure it's only appropriate that the seven facts I reveal about myself relate to those sweet temptations I simply can't resist!

1. Ice cream
My favourite is New Zealand's goody goody gum drop ice cream - an electric green, bubble gum flavoured ice cream filled with jelly jubes... yum! But given that I'm hardly ever in NZ, second place is always a gooey caramel ice cream with caramel chocolates scattered throughout.

2. Peppermint chocolate
This combination goes perfectly together - but it has to be runny peppermint on the inside, like after dinner mints.

How to Make Cupcakes How to Make Cupcakes3. Cupcake icing
Much like Elaine off Seinfield and her muffin tops, I'm all about the topping! Forget the cupcakes - I just love the frosting!

4. Cake!
Although you can't go wrong with a good old chocolate cake, during my year without chocolate - yes a whole year! - I obviously couldn't have chocolate cake for my birthday, so husband made me a DELICIOUS ice cream cake instead!

5. Snifters
Another New Zealand sweet of old. These no longer seem to be made (sob sob) but they were little mint green eggs with a candy coating, chocolate inside, and a crunchy yet chewy centre. Irresistible in other words!

6. Kahlua and Moro Bar Cheesecake
Need I say more - simply sumblime!

7. Chocolate brownie
It's got to be good though - and by good I mean a crunchy outer, a gooey inner, and that yummy brownie texture to boot. If it's not good - then just give me the mixture!

I am passing this irresistibly sweet award onto:
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  1. Congrats on your delicious award!! I love Kahlua anything. They have this delicious ice cream flavor at this organic ice cream shop called Kahlua and cream. Mmmm!!!

  2. Oh thank you sweetest D-I-L ever.. I've never had any luck pasting awards onto my blog! So hopeless I am. But this looks so irresistibly nice I will try! Thank you thank you!

  3. Awesome! Congrats on receiving your such a SWEET award! And, thank you for sending my way!

    I can't help but notice a few Kiwi treats here, did you live in NZ? ;-)

  4. Wow! A whole year without chocolate - impressive.

    Thanks for signing up for the books to movie challenge!

  5. Hey! Thanks for the reward :) I'm so glad you enjoyed The Mermaid Chair! x