Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Beginnings...on a Friday

A little bit of fun on a Friday, this weekly meme is hosted by A Few More Pages
I'll share the first line (or two) of the book I'm currently reading (including the title and author) and let you know what my first impressions are - good or bad!

I don't have too many books on the go at the moment, so all my memes seem to be coming from Letters from Home, by Kristina McMorris and as I'm only halfway through this one, I'm nowhere near the beginning of a new book.

However, my parents have just arrived for a holiday, bringing with them a few books, and this one is currently lying on the table. Dad finished it last night and had tears in his eyes, so I can't wait to read it. 

"In a parking area, hidden between a building and the branches of some tall trees, a group of men, women and children were squeezing and pushing in front of an old bus. Loud cries, sobs and shouts, mixed with the metallic sound of guns and mortar fire in the distance reminded me of scene that I had watched in old war movies. It was a May morning in 1992."
Chapter One: The Farewell (Atka), p1, Goodbye Sarajevo, by Atka Reid & Hana Schofield

This is the story of two sisters, separated during the Bosnian war and sounds incredible!


  1. A total grabber of an opening! This book sounds relaly good

  2. It does indeed - and seeing your father tear up must have made an impression, too. I know it would me.

  3. Wow, this one does sound powerful! Thanks for sharing...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Interesting but not quite my style. Hope you enjoy though!

  5. Wow, that totally grabs me too! Awesome opening. I read many genres so its always good to know about books I've not found yet. Thank you.

    PS: I wanted to tell you I've posted my award on my blog, do pop over when you can. Also, - I'm a KIWI too. Lovely to meet another! x