Thursday, December 15, 2011

Decision time... and Book #62: Fly Away Home

It's always a challenge to write a review long after reading a book and as I sit here frantically trying to recall what on earth Book #62 of the year was, and what it was about, I once again wish my powers of procrastination weren't so, well... powerful!

But a quick check on Amazon (where would we be without Amazon) and the story of Fly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner is slowly coming back to me... but only just.

I'd read my first Jennifer Weiner novel, Good In Bed, earlier this year and to be honest was slightly disappointed with it (review here. Fortunately I had a glass of wine to sob into while getting through it!). I was expecting a new Jill Mansell (my favourite chicklit author of all time) or a Sophie Kinsella, but not to be. However, thanks to A Few More Pages' 2nds challenge, I decided to give her another go and she redeemed herself.... to a certain extent. 

Only problem is, I read Fly Away Home back in the summer and I can't for the life of me remember what it was all about. Obviously not one that left a lasting impression!

The plot goes something like this: regular family, husband in politics, has an affair, wife finds out and leaves him. Meanwhile, two grown daughters, each battling their own inner - and outer - demons suddenly come to realise what their mother is going through. Everything comes together in the end - just how, I can't remember!

So, decision time. Is it third time lucky for Jennifer Weiner and I, or do I cut my losses and allow other Jennifer fans to continue to enjoy her books while me and Jill pick up where we left off?

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