Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book #61: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

I love it when you get on a roll and read one great book after another. The Little Giant of Aberdeen County, by Tiffany Baker was the second one in a row and I was caught between wanting to read it as quickly as possible to see what happens, and trying to make it last to savour this lovely, sweet, yet sorrowful story.

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County
(I also loved having it on the bedside table - who wouldn't with a cover like that!)

The Little Giant's real name is Truly. She's the younger sister of Serena-Jane - the beauty of the family, and the youngest daughter to a father who becomes widowed upon Truly's birth. It seems life is difficult right from the start for Truly as her father, and indeed the community, aren't quite sure what to do with this 'little giant'.

Yet Truly has a big heart and while she may not have a big personality, she's kind, gentle and loving to those around her. However, not all deserve it. As she forms special bonds and relationships with the other outcasts of the village, then takes on the responsibility of bringing up her only nephew, Truly comes across a secret power that she never knew she had.

The story is a slightly unusual one, but it draws you in and Truly really is a beautiful character you want the best to happen to. She's captivating, enchanting and loveable all in one and deserves to be truly happy as a result!

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